I made a trailer after staying in Beaudesert. Bit of fun and kinda serious…



Back to walking my beach and after being away for so long (3months) I can’t get enough. It’s incredibly warm too. Early summer, bring it on.


Millions of creatures have washed up on the beach. Not just here but over what would be 1000 kilometres of coastline north and south of here. They’re called Velella and technically aren’t jellyfish as the sail rather than drift.

I’ve never seen these before, in a lifetime of beach living and it shows us the effects of imbalance in our oceans.

This plastic label is wrapped around a piece of pumice. It could literally last as long pumice or be wrapped around a fish. Not good enough humans!


On/Off the road

Of course #brisbane and the #goldcoast are definitely well known destinations in #queensland but #australia is such a huge country. And after spending all this time looking at the mountains that surround this town (Beaudesert) I headed inland the first chance I got. No destination in mind, just headed for hills.


Pretty amazing landscape and not what I’m used too. Dry and hot plains but also mountains, rain forests and rivers.

Flanagan’s Bush campground.

I drove off the main road and ended up following a dirt road to Flanagan’s Reserve Bush Camping #flanagansreserve Amazing! I told the guy in the office I ended up there by chance (he laughed) and wanted to take some photos.

He was welcoming and friendly as and pointed out an area where platypus live.

I didn’t see any but knowing they’re there in their natural environment is pretty special.

Loved it here and I need to go back and stay a few nights.

The GC.

Headed into #goldcoast and stayed in the real flash @Q1 hotel. It looks like the tallest one here on the beach front, I’m not sure but was a good luxurious change.

The views are spectacular, even from the spa bath and there are any number of places to eat just outside.

So as you do with a view I set up some time lapse shots and failed, 3 out of 6 attempts, lol. Mainly due to reflecting light on the window.

Morning walkers.

It was amazing to get to the beach after spending two months inland. It could be the longest I’ve ever spent away from the ocean (not sure). Although it doesn’t look like it in this image it was windy and the water surprisingly cold. I still loved it! The Gold Coast is such a contrast to where I live and grew up. The buildings look like some sort of oxymoron against the beach but I can see why this place is so popular. The Beach, surf, accommodation, food and shopping of course.

I need to come back, stay longer and go surfing.

The heat 

I knew it was a 2.20 minute bus trip back to the Centre of the world, aka Beaudesert but I didn’t expect this heat. 32C and it’s not even Spring here in Queensland. I’m melting. Wearing jeans and shoes was a mistake!

 I know of several on to it people who plan tropical holidays in the middle of winter. Now I know why. I’m missing one of the wettest winters in decades back home (no not missing it, im just not there 😂)

Im going to change my mid winter travel plans from now on. This is amazing. 

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Mt Tamborine hike


It was so good getting away from the small town heat and heading into the hills. I hitched a ride into Mount Tamborine which is part of the Scenic Rim here in Queensland. What an amazing place and a relief to get under the rainforest canopy. The altitude and cool air helped. There are many walking tracks in this area ranging from ‘ full on’ to easy. I took the ‘middle of the road’, option, lol, which was about 8k.

The track is littered with huge boulders and a lot of trees have been hollowed out by lightning strikes, like giant digeredoos, which was pretty fascinating. 

​The name Tamborine most probably came from the native lime which is known to the local aboriginal people as ‘Jimborine’. This could easily be corrected. 

Sky Walk is also located up Mt Tamborine. You can literally walk amongst the tree tops and it’s a amazing. Not too scary if you have a fear of heights. You may need to stop and climatise but it’s totally safe. 

Bush turkey. 

Love this place!

Tamborine is only an hours drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast so if you need a break from all that sun, surf and shopping it’s an easy drive.  

Speaking of the Gold Coast (looking West from Tamborine). I will be heading there soon enough. 

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim, Queensland, Australia. 

Misty morning, crazy bird song. 

In New Zealand we call it the ‘morning chorus’. I’m not quite sure what to call this, haha. I’m on way for coffee at 6am. It’s misty most mornings here in Beaudesert #queensland and although the temperature drops to 3-4C at nights/early morning it will be 23-24C in a few hours. It kind of makes it hard to decide what to wear.


I’ve grown to love the birds here. They’re nuts and sound completely different to what we have at home. Ours are true song birds with beautifully sweet tunes. Here they sound like they’re arguing in the streets. The amount of parrots is phenomenal. It really struck how devastated our population of native birds really is at home. A huge disadvantage for our birds is having a multi-million year history with virtually no predators. Many of our species became flightless (yep birds without wings) so once dogs, cats, stotes and ferrets were introduced our bird population was all but wiped out.  But we do have protective programmes in place and many islands around the country the are sanctuaries. It’s a shame we had to do this.

The slow pace here really suits me and everything is walkable. But soon  I’m going to hire a car and venture into the mountains.


Have been in Beaudesert, a small town about an hour inland from Brisbane, Australia. There isn’t a lot to do here but I like it. It’s warm considering its winter and there are places to visit close by. Like The Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Tambourine and Green Mountains which both have elevated  walkways through the rainforest canopy. Hopefully I’ll get to visit some of these places. You’ll need a car if you spend anytime here lol. 

We were welcomed by the local Mulunjari people with a smoke ceremony. Loved it! Especially coming from another country and culture where welcome ceremonies and hospitality are top priority. 

Kiki, my daughter Mai and TJ (right) are starring in a children’s television series called Grace Besides Me which is being shot here. They’re awesome kids with talent to burn. Their days start at 5.30 am and have to cram in school work as well rehearse, learn lines and shoot. So its pretty full on. I’ve known some adults who couldnt handle that schedule lol. 

Some local cuisine. 

Every morning there is mist and the local birdlife is completely different to what I’m used to. I’ll post a video to prove it.