It’s all about Kapiti

I find it hard leaving town. I even dodge going to the supermarket 😂 Walking this guy is fun.

Hardly surprising i don’t want to go anywhere.



I finally have a camera on my phone. This is important 😂 mine broke and then i realised how important it is 📷

I need to either commit to this blog, or not 😂

The eclipse was amazing. There was a thin layer of cloud and the sun rose just as it became full eclipse but still an awesome way to spend an early morning. I had my thermos of coffee and two jackets.

A definite change…

…in our weather now. After a record breaking summer and then a very mild autumn we were smashed by and electrical storm. Now out temperature is slowly dropping as each day passes. I love winter and really dont mind the cold. But blustery wind, horizontal rain gets a bit tedious after days of it, lol.

But Storm doesn’t mind. Not even a sand storm can phase this guy.

The Giants and clear blue water.

Rotorua is one of our main tourist destinations here in New Zealand. It’s probably most well known for the thermal pools and local (Maori) culture. There are millions of photos of hot pools, mud pools and geysers so I’m posting a video of the forest and beautiful Hamurana Springs, which will be one of the clearest waterways you’ll ever see.

All photos and video are copyrighted to me.


A day

I loved the Australian winter and Spring. Cold misty mornings, blue skies, warm and calm days. Then it could change to torrential rain, thunder and lightening. This only happened 3 times in the three months I was there. It was pretty amazing!

Beaudesert is about an hour inland from the Gold Coast.